Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring has sprung!

Spring is finally here - this morning the field in front of Luggs Barn was full of sheep and their tiny lambs. Our own sheep are much happier now their field is growing but still glare at the new additions in their lush pasture occasionally! The two rams who had been due to move on last month aren't fat enough, so are going to enjoy a few more months on fresh new grass. We don't have any lambs of our own this year but are planning to adopt a couple of orphans later in the season as the children enjoyed bottle feeding Lily and Lucy so much.

The wisteria and lilac are just coming into flower and the bluebells in the wood are beginning to grow in earnest. The orchard's covered in primroses and is a spectacular sight and the warm weather combined with the odd spring shower has made everything grow almost overnight. The new turf has taken well and is ready for its first haircut already. One of the hens is broody and rarely seen outside her nest box, but the others are becoming increasingly tame - they have to be shooed out of the barn on a regular basis and are frequently found perched in unlikely places. When one of us is outside, they follow us like little dogs but have plenty of food and water so are obviously just being affectionate! Following intensive chicken training, Ted the terrier is practising lofty disregard - we'll see how long it lasts! Monty the golden retriever is oblivious to anything that doesn't roll over and play as soon as he looks at it, so the hens are safe from him - they're so confident of this that their new favourite perch is his back; they're often found pecking his fur and he seems to enjoy it too!

We're receiving lots of enquiries every week from all over the country and even a few international calls. A few weeks in June and July are still available at the time of writing, though. The largest furniture order is due to arrive this week so photos will follow later in the week! The countdown to our first guests arriving has begun!

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