Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Artistic touches

One of the most exciting parts of Luggs Barn being almost finished is the chance to have local artwork on the walls which guests will be able to purchase if they wish. We met with artist and curator Tim Martin today who showed us just a couple of his works which will be among those hung next week. They're absolutely beautiful - I just wish we could have them in the main house as well!

Outside, the cobbled yard has been unearthed from piles of concrete and mud and is looking beautiful. The original edging stones have been exposed and the curve continued, and the tarmac which had previously covered them will be bevelled up to them later in the week. There are still some repairs to do to one area where drainage ditches had to be dug, but even before the planned jetwash it's a stunning feature.

Having spent months sourcing and buying furnishings and equipment for Luggs Barn, it's a joy to be able to start unwrapping and positioning everything! Almost all of the kitchen equipment is now in place and the beds are awaiting their linen. The curtains are almost all up, and the blinds will hopefully be up this time tomorrow. The final flourish next week will be the hanging of all the artwork which will enhance the wonderful spaces even further.

Check back next week for photos of the finished article!

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