Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer time...

...and we have a fox to outwit.

We've had a spate of losses lately and after a good run for a few years are now convinced we need to fence the hens and ducks in. We're still concerned that being in an enclosure might make them more vulnerable as they can't get away if he does get in, but we're giving it a try.

We sadly lost a chick last weekend - it didn't wake up one morning, despite having been pecking happily around the previous day - but the other 4 are doing well. They regularly frighten us by disappearing into the undergrowth and squeezing through fences into the fox's territory, but so far always make it back of the safety of Mum. They're growing feathers and already look slightly gangly, we think 3 are cockerels and one is a hen, so fingers crossed she makes it through the hurdles of the next few months.

Finally, after a long wait in the cold and wet, our vegetable garden is looking superb. There are lots of weeds, as there are never enough hours in the day, but loads of wonderful veg too - we've seen a courgette, the potatoes are struggling but tasty when we find them, the broad and runner beans are well on their way, lettuces have been providing salads most evenings for several weeks, and tonight we picked our first ever peas and tasted a few straight from the pod. They were just as delicious as we'd hoped and will probably never make it to the cooker, I think fresh in salads will be the best way to enjoy them.

Autumn bookings are starting to come in now - once the children are off school and the pace of life slows slightly, why not plan ahead for an autumn break? Contact us for availability and prices and make the most of what's promised to be an Indian summer this year...

Monday, 9 July 2012

New arrivals at Luggs!

We have 5 new chicks! Can't tell just yet how many are cockerels...but for now they're gorgeous and fluffy and doing well.

Bill had to help the youngest one out of its shell as Mum had lost interest and was busy with the others. He kept it warm in his hands all evening until it started cheeping, and now she's looking after them all beautifully. At the moment we don't feel we can let them out though, as the buzzards usually start circling in minutes!

We had a beautiful hot sunny day yesterday (Sunday) which improved everyone's spirits after so much rain. We cooked brunch on a camp fire in the field, helped by the dogs. Ted burnt his nose getting too close to the bacon fat! He's now back in his favourite sentry spot at the top of the stone stairs outside Luggs Barn...