Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Garden update

A few photos of progress in the garden so far! Roses and irises are coming out, and the lilac and wisteria have been glorious for the past couple of weeks. All the beds around Luggs Barn, and the one in front of the main house, have been planted up and already we can see a huge difference as the plants begin to flourish. 
The moment the plants arrived! Big - and expensive - day for us, but well worth it!

Child labour in the kitchen garden!

Main house viewed from courtyard. New planting on the left and just behind the front wall.

The main veg bed after 3 weeks of sunshine!

Spot the ducks...and we're so thrilled to see the pink roses again

Saturday, 12 May 2012

May/June last minute deals!

The woodland is carpeted with bluebells and wild orchids
After a madly busy early Spring and Easter period, we have a few spaces in the diary before the summer season is upon us. At the time of writing the following periods are available, and the later the booking, the better the deal. Contact us for more details but some dates are half price!

21-25 May
25-28 May
28-31 May
11-15 June
15-18 June
18-22 June

3, 4 or 7 night stays are available. Even at our normal rates it's cheaper per person per night than some Travelodges! So by booking late you'll get a top class holiday in some of this country's most beautiful scenery for a ridiculously low price...and if you're quick, you'll see the bluebells!

Late bookings may be less flexible on bed configuration depending on our linen suppliers, but 8 people can be accommodated with ease in 4 bedrooms. There's also a single folding bed and ample space for ready beds and cots.