Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sausage and Crackling have arrived!

We collected our long-awaited piglets last night! Named Sausage and Crackling by the girls, they'll be with us till early spring and are going to clear the wildly overgrown veg patch for us. They have a new home made entirely of pallets and wood already on site and a deep bed of straw - they've already dug themselves a nice muddy hole and are sunbathing! They'll be well fed with plenty of windfall apples from the orchard, as well as pig nuts and of course all the non-meat scraps from the kitchen.

Our pig gurus have given us a crash course and the gist seems to be: feed them plenty (but throw it on the ground, as they can't distinguish between a carrot and the hand that's offering it!); let no tiny gap in the fence go unnoticed as they'll wriggle through and be off across the fields in seconds; otherwise, leave them to it and they should be happy and contented animals.

They're extremely characterful, have already had a good look round their patch and had a good scratch on a handy wall! The girls are delighted with them and were most upset to have to go to school rather than spend all day watching (and feeding!) them. The dogs are fascinated and can't keep away at the moment. Hopefully our autumn and winter visitors will enjoy meeting these new arrivals, as well as the dogs, sheep, hens and geese already in residence!

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