Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Camera ready...

...Luggs Barn is now ready for its closeup! We have interior photographer Chris Wright coming tomorrow to ensure that all our marketing efforts reflect the true impact of this beautiful building.

Trouble is, the cake I've just made and the wine he suggested as a prop look extremely attractive...check back to see if they get left alone long enough to get some good shots! His professional images will be added to the website and all our online directory listings in due course - see if you can spot the difference to my snaps!

Lots of short break enquiries coming in - and a few summer weeks left, so anyone thinking of escaping to the countryside this year, now's the time to get in touch! Christmas and New Year have been booked since the beginning of January, I'm afraid, but anyone interested please consider booking Christmas 2012 well in advance - the amount of people wanting this year has been incredible.

The lambs in front of Luggs Barn have grown a tremendous amount in just a few weeks but are still adding to the scenery beautifully. Our sheep are delighted with their new field next door so have stopped their escape attempts for now, and the chickens spend most of their time following us around hoping we'll drop some food. They have to be shooed out of the farmhouse several times a day! Clearly their corn and pellets are less impressive than the crumbs which the children seem to dispense everywhere they go...

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