Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Early spring

Spring is finally in the air and we now have a few brave crocuses joining the drifts of snowdrops to cheer us all up! The days are lengthening, the lilac hedges are beginning to bud and the Luggs chickens are looking much happier now the sunshine brings a little more warmth to their lives! They're celebrating by increasing their laying and most are becoming very fond of being hand fed thanks to the attentions of our girls! Daisy and Willow are looking forward to showing visiting children around this summer and sharing the enjoyment of looking after the animals.

Luggs' fields are beginning to look more lush as spring approaches, but for now our sheep remain unimpressed with the length of the grass in their fields. Led by ringleader Lily - who can be seen looking innocent as a young lamb on the main website - they're becoming ever more inventive in finding ways to escape the fields and wander around the gardens nibbling expensive roses...even the expensive provision of grass nuts isn't deterring this small but intrepid flock!

The level of enquiries we're receiving even at this early stage in the year is very exciting. Bookings are now coming in throughout 2011 and Luggs Barn's very first holiday season looks set to be a great success. If you haven't yet booked, call or email now to check availability for your preferred dates - by booking early you can ensure you and your family are able to enjoy the anticipation of a much needed holiday as well as the week itself!

Check back next month for more news as we approach our official opening and the last of the furniture and equipment arrives. We're also looking forward to the hanging of all the local artwork by curator Tim Martin of BHAAM; this will give an extra dimension to the rooms and provide a wonderful opportunity for guests to enjoy the diverse work produced in the Blackdown Hills. See you in March!

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  1. Fantastic news, Sarah. It is wonderful to see the days getting longer - even the birds are singing. Roll on the sunshine!