Monday, 11 October 2010


The groundworks and landscaping are well under way now, and we're delighted to have found the original cobbled yard in front of the barn! The soil and stone are being pressure washed away and we're discovering more and more cobbles. Hopefully most of the yard will be intact, but the areas in which drains have been laid in the past will be repaired in due course.
We've always hoped to reinstate a cobbled yard, knowing that's what would have been here. Having received eye-watering quotes to create one, we're doubly thrilled to be able to enjoy the original - it adds even more to the wonderful sense of history here!

Also outdoors, the diggers are now on site to sink the huge underground oil and water tanks into the fields, and the water treatment equipment, which has dwarfed our tiny kitchen for the past year or two, is finally being relocated to the old flint privy! Not before time as Monty the Golden Retriever pup is now 6 months old and has outgrown his bed - we finally have space for a larger one!

The autumn weather is currently being kind and after a glorious sunny weekend, here's a picture of the view at the moment from Luggs Barn!

Inside, the oak flooring is now all in place and we're awaiting delivery of the new kitchen. Bathrooms are being installed in the next few weeks. We now have a lot of manpower on site and really feel we are nearing completion of this mammoth task!
Finally this month, we've just ordered a bespoke felt wall hanging from our friends at the Woolly Shepherd (who supplied us with sheepswool insulation). They took away Lily and Lucy's very first coats after they were shorn and have produced metres of wonderful felt, some of which once decorated will hang in pride of place in Luggs Barn entrance hall!
The website is within a week now of going 'live' and we can't wait to see the reaction from all our potential guests as well as friends and family who've been watching the renovations with great interest.
See you next month!

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